Snap-on halo setting engagement ring


This was a fun project! The bride-to-be inherited a very cool European cut diamond ring set in a solitaire platinum setting. She didn’t want to change the setting and liked the idea of keeping the ring in it’s original state. But, she really loved the halo setting engagement ring look – where a center diamond is surrounded by smaller stones- kinda like a halo, hence the name.

Client’s are loving the halo look. Maybe it’s because the Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, recently received a huge emerald-cut halo setting. Who knows how long she’ll actually be wearing that ring though! If you like the look, you can also check out the  halo necklace and the halo setting earrings I created that were also quite lovely.

Ok, back to Michelle. She also had another ring that was inherited from family member with a bunch of small diamonds that she wanted to incorporate into the ring setting. We were basically taking a bunch of old rings, pulling out the little diamond beauties and resetting them into something that would be worn rather than collecting dust in her jewelry box. I love it!

When we originally met, Michelle and her fiance talked about a wedding band that would go 1/2 way around her engagement ring. This is what we call a ring guard. But since she had so many little diamonds to work with, and told me that she really liked the halo ring look, I just felt there had to be a better solution than a 1/2 way around band. I felt it would not match the vintage look of her engagement ring. She agreed.

So, I came up with a very cool solution. A snap-on halo ring setting for the band. I know, I said “snap-on”. Get your mind out of the gutter!

This is how it works… Two separate rings: Her solitaire engagement ring and then the halo ring.

The solitaire ring then slips inside of the halo ‘band’.

Here’s another view of that slipping-in from the back:

You can see how the ring looks from the side. It looks just like an engagement ring and a band.

And the final result from the top:

I LOVE how this came ring out. And so does the bride!

Another cool thing about this setting, the halo setting and engagement ring snaps into place, so it makes the fit very snug and secure. It really makes the ring pop off of her finger, and gives the look of a halo ring setting with a plain band. She could even add another diamond band to this and really get a ton of sparkle!

This is a great solution if you like the idea of keeping the integrity of an inherited ring but want the big look of a halo setting!

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